Vehicles and Equipment


Engine #12

Truck type: 1999 Freightliner FL-80
Body Material: Aluminum
Cab Seats: 5
Engine Brand/Model/Horsepower: Cummins 330
Transmission Brand/Model: Allison
Water Pump Brand/Model: Hale QSG 125 Single stage
Pump Capacity: 1050 gpm
Water Tank Capacity: 1000 gallons
Foam Tank Capacity: 30 gallons
Generator Make/Capacity: Honda 6500W 
Other special equipment or features: FoamPro, chimney fire gear,4 MSA, Builard Thermal Imaging Camera, rear dump, side mounted electric ladder lift 2.5" top mounted taskforst monitor.




Tanker #21

Truck type: 1990 Freightliner Tandam
Body Material: Aluminum
Cab Seats: 2
Engine Brand/Model/Horsepower: Catipiller 330
Transmission Brand/Model: Allison
Water Pump Brand/Model: Hale 40FD-8
Pump Capacity: 375 gpm
Water Tank Capacity: 2000 gallons
Other special equipment or features: 2 side dumps and 1 rear. 2000 gal portatank.



P5160043Rescue #31

Truck type: 2009 Sparton Furion Cabover
Body Material: Aluminum
Cab Seats: 6
Engine Brand/Model/Horsepower: Cummins 360
Transmission Brand/Model: Allison
Generator Make/Capacity: Hydrolic 3000 watt
Other special equipment or features: Mid Section command center, hurst extraction tools with three 100' hydraulic reals, ventilation fan, medical kit, defibrillator, 5 MSA air packs.




Truck #51

Crew & Equipment Shuttle






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